A Family in Japan

We’ve been living in Japan for about a year and a half. My family and I are originally from Louisiana. We, as a family, have learned so much from this experience. We had a lot of culture shock at first. Like, “THERE IS NO REAUX HERE!” or “You don’t have baked beans!” We are very big on our “foods”. My husband and I were born foodies and love to cook. lol 😂 We still have our moments. 😂 For example, I still laugh on the train during rush hour. The trains are very packed and everyone is on top of one another during peak hours. I don’t know why…, but I find it very amusing how we all manage to fit. Life in Japan, as a family, is the greatest experience you can ever have. All the locals we have met are very welcoming and show enormous amounts of hospitality. We are very thankful to have met new people. This whole adventure was a true blessing from God. I will definitely blog about our testimony and how we got here. Please fill free to share with our family about your stories and travels.

Hope you enjoy this new addition to Cadie’s Journal.

Thanks. 😃

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