The Call of Wisdom PART II

The Call of Wisdom PART II

God fill us with you, Father! We need You to come and guide us. We can’t do it without You. Nothing is possible without You, God. I feel a strong wanting to be close to You. I can feel a warm feeling, like a bright burning light. A free-flowing feeling of peace and soundness. I’m ready to jump into it guys!! What about you? Let’s get it! 💃🏽📯🙌🏽🎉❤️🔥

Opening Prayer

God, we thank You for waking each one of us this morning. We thank You for providing for us in our time of need and others in their time of need. We ask that you keep us safe from any hurt, harms, or dangers… any demons, curses, witches, warlocks, and any other unclean spirits that are not like You, God. We ask that You strengthen us to endure what the day may bring and keep us far from our fleshly desires. We come to You today to help us not lean to our own understanding, but to Yours. We ask that You cover us in our study and guide us. Let all be known that we, your children, must know. So, that we will be with You in the end times and far from the enemy. As for us, we believe in the one and only true God. Who was, Who is, and Who’s to come.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

Proverbs 1:29-33

Please take out your Bibles and read Proverbs 1:29-33 before reading further. The next study we will complete is The Value of Wisdom Proverbs 2:1-22. We will break this chapter down into 3 sections 2:1-7, 2:8-15, and 2:16-22.

The Call of Wisdom PART II

Verses 29-32 ~ Wisdom says, Because they hate knowledge, the fear of the LORD, counsel, and reproof… they will eat the fruit of their ways. For the simple are killed for not listening and fools are destroyed for being complacent in their ways. Let’s break this down. It’s kinda a repeat of the last verses we read. We will call this break down the “College of Righteousness”.

First is Knowledge.

You will be given the “righteous curriculum” for you to live by, the word of God (The Bible/Septuagint). It’s completely free! What??? FREE?!!?! Yes Please! There is no curriculum that will get you a degree in eternal life other than this one. You have to study hard though and live by it.

Second is the Fear of the LORD.

Fear the LORD! Don’t get it wrong. God’s love for you is unconditional, but He deserves respect as well. You should wake up knowing that the one who created you has faith in you that you will make good choices. Do not disappoint Him. The one who created everything. 🙌🏽 Waking up knowing that God put you in the earth and He can remove you from it. That your choices affect your name being put in the book of life. Obey God and His word. Have the Fear of the LORD! Wear it loud and proud! Say, “I am a child of God and I love Him truly”! Unconditionally!!! Repent and talk to Him daily. Give Him the love back, as a parent to us, He deserves. Father of all the years… God!!! Hands down!!

The third is counsels.

So, after getting free knowledge and giving respect… You will get counseling. Counsels are free with the curriculum. Free counseling too!! I’m in! Wisdom will come in and inform you what to do. Instruction is important to keep a structure. This is where you can build that strong rock foundation. Be sure to listen to Wisdom. Wisdom will help you pass the course.

Last is reproof, not listening, and complacency.

Conviction!!! Rebuke!! Wisdom will tell you if you are wrong. She will chastise you to let you know you’re not going the right way. Now if it gets to where you have to go to detention for misbehaving… Then it would make utmost sense to listen to Wisdom after that right? No one’s perfect. We do want to avoid getting to this point though. Keep your focus and don’t let the enemy distract you from your studies. He is not graduating… ever. So, he’s mad. Get your degree and ignore him. Don’t be smug either. We don’t know everything. Being too proud to receive instruction will have you with a weak house. No legs to stand on… you will be swept with any storm that blows. Be teachable.

Major important note via your Dean (God/God’s Word/Wisdom). If you don’t apply yourself you will fail and will reap what you have sown. Meaning you will not get to graduate… worst case scenario.

(Idk why I put it in this view, but it makes sense in a way… 😂)

Verse 33 ~ Whoever listens will be secure and at peace, without dread of disaster. So if you listen to Wisdom and follow her teachings you will be secure. Set for life… no, make that eternity. You will be at peace and nothing will be able to take that away from you. Peace forever. Sounds like heaven! No worrying about disasters to come and living in fear. That sounds like an awesome reward.

That concludes Chapter 1 of Proverbs. The introduction of how important it is to hear the teachings in these verses to come. Thank You, God, for allowing me to complete this chapter.

The next study we will complete is The Value of WisdomProverbs 2:1-22.

First section: verses 2:1-7

Be blessed all! Have a great day! 😃😆😊

“Standard English Version Bible Old Testament and New Testament .” Online, Good News Publishers and Crossway Bibles, 2001,

NOTE: I added in the Septuagint. I do read this version of the Bible. It is one of the earlier translations of the Bible. I like this one more so than the new translations. I do recommend to add it to your studies. For those who did not know what the Septuagint is or those who are new believers.

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