The Call of Wisdom

The Call of Wisdom

Who here knows they are blessed and grateful for being alive this day. I know I am! Doesn’t matter what the day may bring. Rejoice and be glad in it. God is with you, every step of the way. Be strong, live, and enjoy what he has gifted you. Can’t explain the gratefulness. 😆🙌🏽 Shout it loud! 🗣 God is Good!! 🎉❤️ Today we will be completing Chapter 1 of Proverbs, verses 20-28. I decided to split the chapter because it is kinda long. On this coming Tuesday, we will be doing Chapter 1:29-33. Let’s learn together today. I would love to hear from you all about what you got from the verses. Please use the comment section below. Thanks 😃 Let’s Start!

Opening Prayer

God, we thank You for waking each one of us this morning. We thank You for providing for us in our time of need and others in their time of need. We ask that you keep us safe from any hurt, harms, or dangers… any demons, curses, witches, warlocks, and any other unclean spirits that are not like You, God. We ask that you strengthen us to endure what the day may bring and keep us far from our fleshly desires. We come to you today to help us not lean to our own understanding, but to Yours. We ask that You cover us in our study and guide us. Let all be known that we, your children, must know. So, that we will be with You in the end times and far from the enemy. As for us, we believe in the one and only true God. Who was, Who is, and Who’s to come.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

Proverbs 1:20-28

Please take out your Bibles and read Proverbs 1:20-28 before reading further. The next study we will complete is Proverbs 1:29-33, as said before.

The Call of Wisdom ☎️

Proverbs 1:20-28 – Listen for the Voice of Wisdom

Verses 20-22 ~ Wisdom cries out to God’s people (Israel). Then, asks how long will you be simple (elementary/childlike; nothing; lacking in decoration/ornaments). Right here, Wisdom calls you out. How long will you live on an elementary level in your spirituality? Just as you learn/progress in basic school studies and sciences, you should advance in your Biblical studies. There no excuses for it, except that it doesn’t matter to you… you don’t care. How long will you be lacking your decoration/ornaments? I look at decorations and ornaments as what is described in Proverbs verses 1:8-9 and 4:9 (It’s ahead, but the same verse repeated). Wisdom’s teachings will give you a garland for your head/a beautiful crown and a necklace. Wear the right jewelry. Don’t leave your house without Wisdom. Then, Wisdom asks how long will scoffers like scoffing and fools hate knowledge. Scoffing is basically mocking/an unpleasant and disagreeable person. Don’t be a hypocrite and mock people in sin and your a sinner too. You should help them or pray for them; most of all, pull the plank from your eye first. Being unpleasant and disagreeable is basically being unteachable and prideful. The scripture says pride comes before a fall in Proverbs 16:18. Have a teachable spirit and don’t be prideful.

Verses 23 says that if you do listen and hear the voices of Wisdom. She (as called in the Bible, but it is a metaphor for “The Word of God/Laws of God”) will pour out her spirit to you and her words will be known to you. Meaning, you will be lead by the spirit in all right paths. For example, you will have a conscience (Wisdom that comes from God) sitting on your shoulders tell you when to, not to, go, etc. Let me tell you how many things you will dodge with this cool garland. The best headpiece you will ever wear. Guaranteed to protect your head from any evil lurking.

Continuing on to verses 24-26… Wisdom says because you didn’t listen/if you didn’t listen to her words she will laugh at your calamity (tribulation/troubles). That’s the last thing anyone needs at this time. Evil is blatantly showing itself present. The enemy is already destined to be thrown into the lake of fire and if you think he’s fine with going alone, without the ones he hates, your mistaken. Don’t be a laughing stock to the heavens. Do what is right and follow the laws of God.

Closing with verse 27-28 ~ When you’re in distress and you’re in the storm, you will seek Wisdom and look for her and she will not answer or be found. My Parents, Elders, and Teachers are a lot like Wisdom. lol 🤣 My Mom would tell me, so many times, not to sit on her cabinets. One day I was getting off of them because she just fussed at me… and my pant legs caught hold to the doorknobs on the bottom cabinets and I hit the floor face first. Instead of helping me or checking on me first… She laughed at me! 😂 Now she tells the story to everyone when she has the opportunity. Funny story! I was laughed at and looked for her to help me first. She wasn’t there because I didn’t listen to her after she repeated herself so many times. My Mom saw what could possibly come of it. The story echoes until now because it is an entertaining foolish decision. Not only that, my family (Mom, Dad, and sisters) all witnessed it. As would others, in the world, if you would make foolish decisions. Listen to the voice of Wisdom before its too late. If you can avoid hurt and pain… why not.

Don’t wait till the 5th, 10th, or 20th time to listen to wise instruction.

If you know it’s right you should listen.

My Aunt always told me… “Some parents wait till their children make a mistake to correct them. When it should be the opposite. They should teach their children to avoid the mistake before it happens.”

Well, today’s study had a fun ending! 😆

We will be completing The Call of Wisdom verses 1:29-33 on Tuesday.

See you all later. 🤗🎉💕

“Standard English Version Bible Old Testament and New Testament .” Online, Good News Publishers and Crossway Bibles, 2001,

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