How to use Block Editor on WordPress 😫😂

How to use Block Editor on WordPress

Hello All,

We are going to discuss this new Block Editor. Let’s rename Block Editor to “blocking” and we will rename the Classic Editor to “classic” to make it easier to explain. In this Blog I will go over the bugs/issues, pros of using blocking, and the cons of using blocking. I am not the smartest tool in the shed. 😂 I am, also, a kinesthetic learner. So, It’s better if I learn by doing. I really like WordPress out of all the other online blogging sites. Making this work was a must for me. I thought it would help to blog about it for people who may be having the same issues. Paying for something you don’t know how to work is annoying. Please fill free to leave comments below on any other issue I may have missed for others to use.


Lanee Chisolm 😃❤️

Bugs/Issues with Blocking

What’s happening when you are publishing your blog? And, why is the whole blog converting back to classic.

You can not mix the classic with blocking. When typing up your blocks you have to make sure it is either all in classic or all in blocking. I think blocking is better than classic. I’ll explain why later. When you mix the two, the classic will take over all the blocks and convert them into one big classic block. Meaning, when you press “Publish” it will combine all blocks into one whole classic block. I’m thinking there is maybe a system preference selected in the system that’s creating this error. Or, the classic has seniority and is not stepping down without a fight. 🤣 Whatever the case, this is bad because it makes your beautiful alined paragraphs turn into mash potatoes. lol 🤣 Below is an example of mixed (classic and blocking) and just blocking:

This is Mixed (Classic and Blocking)
This is only Blocking

You can see, distinctly, that there is a clear difference between the two. “Mixed” looks like a hot mess and “Blocking” looks like blessings are falling down from heaven. I had trouble understanding how to avoid this issue and experimented for 3 days. 😫😂

When blocking you have to make sure you do not add in a classic block. I did it a couple of times not paying attention. Just plain negligence and laziness. Below is pictures of a classic block being added:

This the evil button I kept pressing. It’s called the “Add Classic” button. I loathe you button. Do not add a classic in with blocking it will mash it all up. I warned you.
This is a classic block applied and in detail. On the right, you can see the “Block” tab. This is how you can double check if you accidentally added one of these minions in. Click on the Block tab and if it says classic, it’s cursed, it has to go.
This one block will contaminate all your other blocks. Trash it!

If you already have it typed up your blog and published it, it’s ok. You can still fix the issue. You can copy and paste all of the contents into correct blocks. It will take some time, but it is better than losing your work. (Which is not possible because WordPress created this awesome button call “History”) The only issue is that you will have to make sure it doesn’t paste as a classic block. To avoid this obstacle, pay close attention. If the “Paste” button is contaminated by the classic too. 😂 Then you must use the “Paste and match style” selection. (Note I have a MacBook so it may be called different) Hope this helped someone.

Pros of Blocking

Blocking is basically just a method of effortless spacing between paragraph and headings. When you create a block and press enter to create another, you are creating a space. Cool right! I love this. It maximized organization. The “Block” tab on the left helps you add cool features like colors, font sizes, etc. If it doesn’t appear on your screen, press the gear ⚙️ in the upper right-hand corner. Click on the “+” That appears to the left of the block (when highlighted) and it will allow you to select what type of block you want to add. If you can find it type the one you would like into the search box. Another plus is that you can see the preview (When you click on “Preview” in the upper right-hand corner). With classic, you could not preview it unless you published it. That’s one thing I didn’t like about classic a lot. It’s, also, a breeze using blocking to work and publish from your phone. Blogging on the go. I prefer blocking over classic, but you are entitled to your opinion.

Cons of Blocking

You can not combine classic with blocking, via bugs/issues. You have to keep creating blocks. Your Grammarly app will, sometimes, not read all of your blocks. This can be a pain because it will not correct any errors for you in that missed block. Leaving your passage to be error infested. Not good. Hehehe 😆

Thats all I have to give to this global issue. Please let me know if this helped you. Fill free to ask questions. I may be able to help you.

Be blessed everyone and have a great day! 😃

See you! 👋🏽

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